Everything about Numerology

Numerology is a belief between numbers and the impact of numbers on a human's life that is calculated based on the birth date, month, and year of a person.

In other words, Numerology can be termed as predicting a person's future based on his or her birthdate. In numerology, one does not predict every event of a person's life but general predictions about marriage, business, interests, work of interest, and many other basic predictions that help a person live a happy and prosperous life.

Understanding numbers in numerology

Consider a person who was born on January 1, 1990 then you can calculate the planet of a person with the help of the following methods.

  • Ruler Planet

    The planet of a person is calculated by adding the numbers of a birth date. If a person's birth date is 19 then the ruler number of that person is going to be 1+9=>10=>1. In this case, the person's ruling number is going to be 1 and the ruling planet is Sun because Sun rules the number 1.

  • Destiny Number

    To find out the destiny number, you need to add the numbers of a full birth date. If a person's date of birth is January 1, 1990, then to find out the destiny number of that person, you need to add the whole birthdate.

    Since January is the first month in a calendar year, 1 (January) + 1 + 1+ 9 +9 0

    => 21

    => 2 + 1

    => 3

    So, the person with a birth date of January 1-1990 will have a ruler number 1 and destiny number 3. If you want a detailed numerology report then you can check out our numerology calculator for a detailed report.

  • Zodiac Sign
  • There are 12 Zodiac signs and each zodiac sign is ruled by a planet and a number.

About all 9 Numbers in Numerology

In numerology, the number 1 is ruled by the Sun and it owns the Leo zodiac sign. People with ruler number 1 are born leaders. People with this number should use number 1 as much as possible as it will bring good luck and happiness in their lives. In numerology, it is believed that many number 1 people are egoistic and over-confident. These characteristics are not good for marriages, love relationships, and business. Other lucky numbers for 1 are 2 and 7 while number 4 sometimes works and sometimes it does not.

The number 2 is governed by Moon and it owns the Cancer zodiac sign. Number 2 is a creative number, people born under this zodiac sign might be great painters, artists, actors, or singers. People with number 2 are very sensitive and harsh behavior from others may disturb them. So, if there is any number 2 child in your family then be polite to them. Number 2 people may not be great business so if you are a number 2 and if you are into a business then it is recommended to use number 1 (Sun) in your name, your business name, and phone number.

Number 3 is governed by Jupiter and it owns Sagittarius & Pisces zodiac signs. People with 3 ruler planets are knowledgeable, wise, gentle, and diplomats. They know what and when to speak and that's why they might be great businessmen. Many number 3 people experience a major shift in their life after their 35th year. Other lucky numbers for a number 3 are 6 and 8. We highly recommend making big decisions in your life when you are in your number 3 years.

Number 4 is ruled by Uranus and it is partially influenced by Sun. People with the number 4 ruling planet are eccentric, rebellious, and not afraid of questioning authority. They can bring revolution to society. Because of their innovative and practical mind, they might do well in science, technology, innovation, software, hardware, and research. They might also do well in acting, singing, politics, and modeling. Because of their stubborn attitude, they might suffer when it comes to a person's life. It is highly recommended for the number 4 people to use number 1 as much as possible for stability and business success.

Number 5 is ruled by Mercury and it owns Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs. People born with 5 ruler numbers are naturally good with financing, communication, banking, stock markets, and accounts. Many 5-number people can do well in the field of science and technology if they have a four destiny number or Aquarius zodiac sign. In numerology, it is believed that many five-number people give up very easily, and giving up might become a reason for their failure. Apart from that, number 5 people can master everything they do in their life.

Number 6 is ruled by Venus and it owns the Libra and Taurus zodiac signs. In Numerology, Venus is believed to be the planet of pleasure, luxury, and good fortune. People with 6 ruling planets are attracted to luxurious life and they make a lot of friends. Many 6 number people are good at sports and might be more attracted to doing business instead of a full-time job. If you are a number 6 and want to start your own business then make sure to use either number 3 or 6 for your name, business name. Also, make important decisions in your life when you are in your number 3 or 6 years.

Number 7 is ruled by Neptune and in numerology, number 7 is partially influenced by Moon. Those with the number 7 are mirror images of the number 2. Number 7 people love traveling, and exploring new destinations and they are born charmers. They might be good at sports and due to their magical intuition power, they can be good leaders as well. Due to their sensitive nature, they might get tobacco or alcohol addiction easily. So, if you are number 7, it is highly recommended to stay away from addictive substances. Number 4 is unlucky for more numbers but it is lucky for the number 7. It is recommended for a number 7 to use number 1 if they are associated with business, research, and politics.

Number 8 is governed by Saturn and its own Aquarius and Capricorn zodiac signs. As Saturn is a slow-moving planet, people with the number 8 are slow but they are perfectionists. Number 8 people are stubborn, fearless, and rebellious and they like to finish whatever work they take in their hands. Number 8 people are naturally attracted to the number 4 people because of their similar qualities. Number 8s are good at observing patterns in everything and this quality empowers them to become great at anything they do. It is highly recommended for a number 8 person to use either number 3 or 6 if they are in business.

Number 9 is ruled by Mars and it owns the Aries and Scorpio zodiac signs. Number 9 people are stubborn (Not as much as numbers 4 & 8). Number 9 people are blessed with good looks and physiques. For that reason, they can do great in sports, acting, and modeling. They are also good leaders with excellent management skills. Anything they do, they do it with passion and sincerity. If a number 9 person is associated with any kind of business then it is highly recommended to use the number 3 or 6 for more success. If they are in sports then do use the number 9.

So, this was the basic information about numerology if you want a detailed Numerology report based on your birthdate then you can opt for our just $37 consultation about Asto-numerology.

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