Numerology in Sports

Have you ever wondered how the number on a sportsperson's jersey is selected? Is it selected randomly or is there numerology related to that? If you had the same questions then we are here to give you all answers related to numerology in sports.

No player has officially said anything about numerology in public but here, in this article, we bring some interesting proof that your favorite sportsmen are using numerology. Along with that, we will also discuss how you can also use numerology if you are associated with any sports and take advantage of numerology.

How to calculate your lucky number for sports?

We calculate the jersey number based on the birth date of a sportsman. Once we get a birth date, month, and year, we suggest a jersey number to the player that is lucky for that player.

A player's name and surname play a huge role in the numerology of sports. Once we decide the lucky number for a player based on their name and surname, we check the name and surnames to be printed on the t-shirt. We make sure that the name and surname total sync with the number we give to a player. To understand this process, let's take the example of the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo was born on February 5, 1985. His ruler number is 5 while his destiny number is 3. Initially, when Ronaldo was playing for Manchester United, his jersey number used to be 17. 17 is the combination of 1 and 7, it adds to the number 8. Ronaldo's destiny number is 3 and 8 proves to be the luckiest for a number 3. For that reason, he was given 17 number jersey initially.

But soon, he changed his jersey number. All numbers are just perfect then why did he change his jersey number? We have an explanation!

Along with the number, footballers also write their names above or below their numbers. Ronaldo writes "Ronaldo" on his jersey. The numerology total for the name "Ronaldo" adds to the number 2. Now, 8 (17 => (1+7=8)) does not do wonders when it is associated with the number 2. It works best when it is associated with 1, 2, or 7. For that reason, Ronaldo changed his number from 17 to 7 and he has enjoyed one of the best careers and is considered a legend of the game.

Numerology in Sports is also related to the player's age

Choosing the right name and number does not always work. A player has to be in his lucky years to give the best performance of his career. For example, Leo Messi lead Argentina to win a world cup in 2022 (6) number year when he was in his 36th year. Same way, a player's performance drops when he is in his unlucky year. One needs a detailed numerology report for their sports career.

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