Sam Bankman-Fried Lost Everything in 31st (4 Number) Year

If you are aware of the current Crypto and stock market news then you must have heard about Sam Bank man-fried. Sam Bank Man-fried was the founder and CEO of a Cryptocurrency exchange firm FTX. He became the world's richest 29-year-old with a worth of around $22 Billion.

Sam Bank man-fried became very successful when he was 29 years old(in his 30th year) and as soon as he reached his 31st (4) number year his net worth went to zero. This year has been the most controversial year of his life and as of February 2023, he is still in controversy.

What went wrong?

Sam bankman-fried was born on 6 March 1992. His ruler number is 6 while his destiny number is 3. Along with that, his company's name FTX total comes at 17(8). This is one of the best combinations for materialistic success. So, he achieved everything and became a billionaire when he was in his friendly years of life.

But as soon as Sam bankman-fried entered his 31st (4 number) year everything started fading away. Number 4 is neither friendly with his ruler number 6 nor with his destiny number 3. Along with that, his company's name's total comes to 17(8), the number 8 did not work well with number 4 as well. This was the reason for his fall. However, in 2025, when he will be in his 33rd year, every controversy will end. He might make a fresh start in 2025.

What you can learn from Sam Bankman-Fried?

If your destiny and ruler number do not have 1, 4, or 7 then you must avoid making big decisions in your life, avoid any controversy, and avoid speculation business when you are in your 4 number years.

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